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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, this is the absolute best solution for allowing 911 call traffic to get to your devices running ECM2. There are multiple ways for us to integrate into current CAD systems.

No, ECM2 has its own web based dispatcher program that can be used to dispatch units. Because the Dispatcher solution is web based you can dispatch your units from anywhere you have an internet connection.

No, ECM2 is not a CAD system. It is a great enhancement to any CAD system but is not designed for all of the data gathering and compiling that CAD systems do.

Yes, the dispatch information can be sent via text to non smartphone users.

All you need to send a message to anyone; is their cell phone information or their e-mail address.

Yes, first and foremost ECM2 is considered a secondary dispatch solution or back up way of getting information to the field. That alone is a big ISO hit if you do not have it. Secondly, using the hydrant editor in ECM2 and Mobile Map you can place all your hydrants on the map and also provide information about each hydrant including last inspected date right at the figure tips of the First Responders. ISO plus. Another great feature that Mobile Map provides is the ability to identify all your pre-plans and inspections right on the map. The pre-plans can contain a ton of information including up-loadable PDF File with drawings, picture, etc. Another ISO plus

No, Mobile Map has a very simple interface making it user-friendly for all skill levels.

Most definitely yes. ECM2 and Mobile Mapping are unsurpassed with the sharing of dispatch information and mapping. For example, there are multiple customers on our system with their mutual aid partners also on the system. When dispatched for mutual aid the responding department now has access to all of the requesting departments map layers including hydrant and preplans. You also would have all AVL (Auto Vehicle Location) information on the requesting department’s apparatus and locations not to mention the same dispatch information. When going for grant funding you are now pretty much limited to only getting grant funding for regionalization projects. ECM2 and Mobile Mapping is perfectly aligned for getting those grant funding requests awarded to your department.