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Quite simply the most cost-effective and innovative way to stay connected to any emergency dispatch without the hassle of pagers or pager services!

The 911 Emergency Call Manager works exactly as your pager would, but the only difference is … the alert will be delivered to your cell phone. All dispatch information you would need to respond to any emergency call is sent immediately as a smartphone application, text or email—or any combination of the three.


Smartphone Apps available for Android and iPhone

  • Registered users can download smartphone apps freely from the app stores 
  • Chief can view in real-time who’s responding to a call
  • Chief can be notified when someone goes on/off duty and view team availability through the phone app
  • Smart Phone Map to an incident
  • Displays Fire Hydrants with editing features
  • Displays route to the incident from your location
  • Hands-free, turn-by-turn routing to the incident from your location

Distribution List Message

Station Calendar

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Hydrant Location

Hydrant Location

911 Call Manager Home Screen

Home Screen

Incident Message List

Incident Message

Distribution List

Distribution List

Respond to the incident directly through the app

  • Reply to group messaging, or directly to the sender
  • User-controlled off-duty functionality
  • Works with multi-station departments
  • Set different ringtones for different message types
  • Mapping of incident location with hydrants
  • Turn-by-turn navigation from current location
  • View who else is responding
  • Take and upload incident photos