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-FIRE Reporting-

Incident reporting with the push of a button.

Cost effective


Hassle free


  • Allows a department to complete its NIFRS reporting requirement in a fraction of the time to do so manually
  • 95% automated data entry when used in conjunction with ECM2’s family of applications
  • Access from any internet browser
  • Generate reports detailing department’s statistics
  • Attach additional files to incidents
  • NIFRS 5.0 compliant
  • Entirly cloud/web based
  • Streamlined data and management workflows for maximum efficiency
  • Create/manage NIFRS formatted and validated export files for federal or state agencies
  • Detailed reporting and data export
  • Ability to create and manage cutome NIFRS codes
  • Fully integrated into the ECM2 family of products
  • PRovides reports on departmental information such as personnel and apparatuses
  • Secure data storage
  • Enables multi departmental reporting, analysis, and data export (group reporting)
Fire Reporting Screen